Sonja\’s Introspective

As a member of humanity, it is essential during this pandemic seared moment that we as a race come together, to fight before every single one of us is irradiated from the inside out. This is not a time for arguing, or being at odds, there\’s already enough strife this should afford us an opportunity to heal, and make amends that life as we know it — will never be the same again. The current climate is starting to drain on our spirits, with no end in sight all we can really to is be hopeful — that this catastrophe will end eventually.  The key in the meantime is to remain kind, aware, and grateful for those who have scarified to help our ever aching earth! 
Rania M. M. Watts, Founder CCIQ Press 
The Virus Takes a Toll
Ill-equipped healthcare providers,
operate a failing healthcare system

The masses, restricted from access 
to desperately needed services.
Nurses picking and choosing
what patients to treat, deciding 
who qualifies for high-level medical attention
while thousands perish unattended 

The so-called cushion of insurance
unable to ensure critical care 
after pockets are emptied
into bi-monthly medical premiums 

Global despair spreads 
as we disconnect in quarantine
Collapse of a poorly constructed system,

the infected paying the price
with their lives

The Health Crisis

The world unites in the fight against the virus but it’s devastating to watch as we fall apart in the face of this pandemic. The healthcare workers and facilities are immensely unprepared for this level of combat.

By Sonja Mabel McClure 

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