What are you doing between 8 – 10 pm UK time?

The global state of the COVID19 Pandemic, has honestly devastated a plethora of individuals on such a large scale.  I don’t even think the statue of Justice would ever handle the depth of how MASSIVE a weight measure would be required.  Picture her instead of standing tall, easily able to hold the scales – hunched over with the weight of a virus that completely annihilates the lungs.   We’ve been asked to consistently stay at home for the safety of those who are vulnerable and to assist and stay out of the way of essential service workers as they are literally sacrificing their lives to ensure we have all that we need.  And, although that line may sound dramatic “sacrificing their lives” it’s perpetually true.  Every single employee out there is doing their best to genuinely ensure we have what we require throughout these months of devastation. Now, that being said, the first thing I learned from my college Human Growth & Development class, isolation on any level is not ideal for the human psyche.  The sense of impending doom, being trapped in an oubliette not of your choosing – can be a detriment to the spirit. 

Now, time to make lemonade, we live in a very contemporary technological world that could put us in contact with friends who live either down the street or approximately a 5-hour plane ride away. You can either let the depression eat you alive or partake in some of the most remarkable living room concerts that have been occurring globally. My dear friend Singer/Songwriter Tony Moore always houses a giving nature, he knew he could help soothe the agony that most in our world feel at present — through the power of his music.  Tonight, marks the 3rd Week Anniversary of “RIGHT HERE” with Tony Moore on Facebook live, which is two hours of Tony playing either his guitar or keyboard from not only his vast repertoire of songs he’s written over the years but also the music of others such as: Oasis, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and The Who just to name a few.  Moreover, Tony also has guest spotlights, he invites Musicians, Singer/Songwriters to create a video of their music to share on his show.  ILO has been featured each day since day one and it\’s lovely to see her and Tony together.  My favourite trio: Tony, ILO & KT I miss watching them perform together. Tony\’s collection of guests is equally eclectic and fun! And, the content, Tony honestly houses a myriad of stories with regards to the music industry and his diverse experiences.  

One must appreciate the time it takes to put on a daily two-hour show, Tony starts preparing the minute the current show ends. And, the effort, remarkable, different aesthetically pleasing backdrops transports the audience to various global destinations.  

For now, I’ll leave you with some of my favourite Tony Moore compositions to give you a taste of this very necessary daily production.  The days are no longer chronicled, it’s getting through all the hours without the intense sense of impending doom and these two hours, 120 minutes, 7200 seconds – could literally make the difference between a heart that feels so alone and cold to showing the world they are not alone and truly surrounded by love and light. 

Perfect & Beautiful 

On My Own 

No Torti No Party 

Tunnel Vision 

So Many Ways Of Missing You 

Dear Me 

Fool, Radio Java 

I Believe In You 

The Innocence Of Youth 

Only Love Can Heal You 

The Best Day Of Your Life 

For more information on Tony, please check out his website and tune in tonight of Facebook @tonymooremusic direct link.  

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