Although streaming is available, I wouldn’t mind waiting 10 minutes for the video to properly rewind!

I’m a complete idiosyncratic idiot
when I had the opportunity to purchase
the entire Rodgers & Hammerstein collection,
I had the option of CD or VHS.  Stupid me,
selected VHS and now our apartment is void
of any VCR.  Can you contemplate, asking
your spawn to patiently remain static while
their optics are fused to an old clunky television
to watch a three-hour musical? My 3 barely sat
through the musical episode of The Flash, which
was only 45 minutes.  Symphonic films radiate
throughout my body with tremendous amounts
of mirth.  South Pacific was/is my preferred
selection. I relish Mitzi Gaynor’s spitfire essence,
consistently took no crap but her bias kept her
heart from, as cheesy as it sounds true l’amour.
I relish this theatrical piece as it depicts in a very
human fashion how perception can be altered
when it comes to someone you adore.  And, when
Nellie sang “I\’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair”
I could not help but laugh, if it was only that simple
to lather, to eliminate, toxicity from your life. Mind you
it would ease a lot of the tortured cardiovascular organs.
Nevertheless, I believe Anna Mazzotta nailed it when
she named this painting “Mitzi Gaynor got it wrong
\’I wouldn\’t waste my shampoo on you\’” because
sometimes the amount of shampoo, really is not worthy
of certain scum sucking amoeba-based creatures, who
like to weasel their way in to an atmosphere – where 
they certainly don’t belong.  Oh, and by the way, my least
favourite, The King & I but that’s another poem for another…  

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta: Mitzi Gaynor got it wrong \’I wouldn\’t waste my shampoo on you\’

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