the mercy
      i once exhibited
transmuted a jaded shard
       stuck in between
               my pulmonary truck
       and right atrium
honestly, no clue
     when this occurred
        but at some point
i became
     a horrible human
                     who housed
                 little to no insights
 – void of any compassion
                      or comprehension
my spirit materialises
         for a millisecond before
      i take the trebuchet
               smash my entire self  
       with a fireball released
           from its payload basket
         all that’s left is a melange
              of bone
      and subterfuge
         that refuse to mend
 forever rested
        on the elemental earth
        there’s a canyon replete
                            of accomplices 
who linger
          who desire
the knowledge as to why
            humpty dumpty
                 wasn’t careful
       and relentlessly smashed
his shell all over
        with the thoughts
                of a future omelette
        hold the magic mushrooms 
            never mind the traumatic
Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, Commission for: \’50 Cheyne Walk\’

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