Our current global pandemic has taken a lot from humanity.  Many of my friends were forced to rearrange MASSIVE life altering plans, rendering the sorrow riddled expression from their essence. Nevertheless, I refuse to give into the desolation.  Which is why regardless of our time CCIQ Press, will always participate in the birthday jubilation, to honour the birth anniversaries of our artisanal friends.  Which is exactly why, when I found out that today was Joseph A. Federico’s birthday, I asked him for the usual three pieces. Joseph is a true advocate who constantly raises awareness of numerous issues and one human being who really does put their money where is mouth is!  An exceptionally generous spirit encased in one chimera who desires to honestly do nothing but to help and inspire. I have to admit as someone who tends to look and help altruistically – I genuinely appreciate that specific trait inside of individuals.  Joseph, was so kind as to provide me with excerpts from his book Voudou Juice currently available on Smash Words for FREE!!!!! Click this link to get your copy! For more information on Joseph please check out his website!  Bonne lecture! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH and thank you for allowing our optics to feast on your Voudou Juice! 

Joseph  is a two-time published author and social media strategist, currently working on his next novella, VOUDOU JUICE ORIGINS: CODY’S STORY. He is also currently available for personal phone calls and emails, to answer any questions you may have about this time of uncertainty, business-related or otherwise. If you need to talk or walk away from the world temporarily, reach out.

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