cobra patterned attire

 i think
    there’s only one skirt
                        in my wardrobe
as a child
     french imports
          meant fluffy dresses
               that i’d never desired
        to adorn
            there were numerous arguments
      but you can’t transform someone’s view
           especially that of a child — to shatter
                   the will in their essence  
                           would be cruel
comfort was found in pants
      i never envisioned my true nature
               in dresses – except maybe
                      the knee length crochet
                              goth dress with emphasised
                        poets’ cuffs — which at present  
                  decorates a space
          with its eloquence
although i’ve never travelled
      to the uk, my favourite pair
             of straight leg pants
               came from harrod’s of london
                        i felt tremendously in vogue
                perfectly tailored for my body
            right off the shelf
     during my formative years
           i remember someone
                   advised me that london
                           was two years ahead
                 of north america
                       with regards to garment styles           
             a tremendous investment
      to my wardrobe – the quality of fabric
            housed with an “i can be,
                                 or do whatever
                          i desire
Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, Harrods Powder Room 

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