Circa 1834

    “a bull in a china shop.”
             this cavalier phrase
                   essentially describes
                        who i authentically
                                am – to the core  

            irritation, anxiety, and insecurities
           reign thoughts of simultaneous trepidation
      sprinkled with a dash of ease.  we now reside
 on a planet where all facades are obliged
   to become a slight more transparent
         individuals should not hide behind
               the fear of the unknown
                  terror assists no one
                      pain assists no one
                         ignorance assists no one
                             love assists everyone
                                compassion assists everyone
                                    patience assists everyone
       i’m not demur,
          and don’t pretend to be   
             for the sake of illumination
                   and onyx pitch
                      i am me
                   i am myself
                         i am i            

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, The Fish That Wanted to Be Madonna circa 1984

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