Compressed Frequency With Tony Moore

My daughter Jordan, had no idea why I was literally FREAKING out when Tony Moore, asked if I’d like to be interviewed on Tony Moore\’s Musical Emporium on Soho Radio. This is how I explained my emotions to her, I said “Jordan, imagine your final year of secondary school before the Christmas concert, your best friend lends you his denim jacket which has big block metal studs that form the name Mariana’s Trench.  Now, fast forward to your 40’s while you are starting your blog and someone asks you to interview Josh Ramsay, which you gleefully do.  Over the years you complete three comprehensive interviews regarding various subjects and all the different pathways life can lead you.  Then Josh asks if you’d like to be part of his radio show?” I turned to her and then said “Now, how do you feel?” She gave me one of her teenage looks and said “Ok, you have a point!”
I felt incredibly honoured to have been asked to discuss poetry, I’ve never been on the radio before and was petrified that I would freeze or not know what to say.  I tend to speak VERY quickly when I get nervous and kept thinking ‘4/4-time, one beat at a time and you’ll get through’.  With everything going on globally, I did not realise how well the stars aligned.  Saturday, was National Poetry Day, it did not dawn on me until the middle of Tony’s show. I can’t even begin to express what poetry has done for me. It’s allowed me to allow my imagination to reign my core in a fashion that enhances my senses. Being able to share that with my teen idol was an entirely different ball of wax.  
Unless you live under a rock, you should be aware of the global Pandemic that has taken over. Because of the COVID19 & drastic but necessary social distancing measures — Tony was forced to pre-record his show, as no one would be able to entre the studio in Soho. For me, if it’s a choice between a pre-recorded show close to the date or no show at all – I’ll gladly take the pre-recorded one!  This is the new world that we are living in now, communication is indeed feasible just with the absence of tactile expression.  On Saturday, Tony said during his show that if anyone has an stories or things that they would like to share he can be emailed directly at 
Tony Moore\’s Musical Emporium on Soho Radio noon UK time which translates to: Adelaide 10:30 PM, Athens 2:00 PM, Auckland 1:00 AM, Next Day Beijing 8:00 PM, Berlin 1:00 PM, Brisbane 10:00 PM, Cairo 2:00 PM, Calgary 6:00 AM, Cape Town 2:00 PM, Chicago 7:00 AM, Denver 6:00 AM, Dubai 4:00 PM, Hong Kong 8:00 PM, Honolulu 2:00 AM, Houston 7:00 AM, Jakarta 7:00 PM, Karachi 5:00 PM, Kiev 2:00 PM, Kuala Lumpur 8:00 PM, Lagos 1:00 PM, London 12:00 PM, Los Angeles 5:00 AM, Manila 8:00 PM, Melbourne 11:00 PM, Mexico City 6:00 AM, Moscow 4:00 PM, Mumbai 5:30 PM, Nairobi 3:00 PM, New York 8:00 AM, Paris 1:00 PM, Perth 8:00 PM, Phoenix 5:00 AM, Riyadh 3:00 PM, Santiago 9:00 AM, Sao Paulo 9:00 AM, Singapore 8:00 PM, Sydney 11:00 PM, Tel Aviv 2:00 PM, Toronto 8:00 AM, and Vancouver 5:00 AM. *Please note, daily light savings in UK is next weekend.  
I’m going to leave you now with the link from yesterday’s show:
Listen and share, if you\’d like to communicate with the show on Saturday morning please do, via Twitter to @tonymoore1 & @sohoradio.   

p.s. Hello Caroline, Neil, and Kate! See you all next Saturday! ❤
p.p.s. There is a longer list coming of poets I think are worthy of a read! 

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