Idiosyncratic Dialogue

The middle
of the conversation
isn’t exactly
an opportune moment
to commence an intertwined
story of secret details.
It’s impossible
for a tale
to commence
with the lack of a start
and finale.
all stories unfold
as they are either
meant to be
forced to.
What really irritates
me, when a painful conversation
has occurred that’s violently
terminated. Where an individual
is unable to go and speak
with the original person
with regards
to the verity of the content
actually on their mind.
A consistent trail
of thought yearns
to proceed
with the phrase
Numerous times,
I’ve wanted to repeat
that, especially
right after an idiotic moron
offered an incorrect
opinion on why my anger
was fuelled
in the first
Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, And Another Thing  

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