Perfect Performance

Take a deep breath
open your mouth,
poised with the perfect

shaped oval O lips.

At the ready to allow
the freshly escaped
notes to exit your chords
in the form of a breath,
housed in equal confidence
and tremendous fear.

The challenge of constantly
being equipped with the desire
to endlessly break the barriers.
A profound poignant desire
to relentlessly sing two octaves
above middle C.

Oh, at first, it drove me BONKERS!

Endless breath control
exercises, skatting, improvisation
of incomprehensible syllables,
in preparation of every show.

I felt, peace being able to consistently
push my range. When you’re on platform
there’s a heavy burden to bear.

One cannot stop!

If you make an error,
you acknowledge
nothing and continue.

The simplicity of performance
is a tremendous gift. Not for the
faint of heart. Fast forward
20 years, you’ll be in your bedroom
with blue butterflies on the wall
and appreciate what it truly means
to be on a stage.

To sing in a fashion
where notes are rarely
held back. The power behind
the voice that accepts being present
to their personal opus.

That time you were ever present
in the moment aware
of everything.

Inspired by Anna Mazzotta\’s, La Carmencita

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