Route 66 + Tony Moore + Grapes = No Torti No Party

When route 66 was established
in 1926, I don’t think the individuals
who named it, would come to realise

its iconic potential.  I know, a poem
is a very unconventional method  
to promote a brand, I genuinely

believe in – but nevertheless
I will continue to proceed.
Have you ever met an individual

who is a realistic idealist, who
genuinely believes in the impossible
possibilities of life, and authentically

never gives up?  Someone riddled
with fight, inspiration, talent,
and true curiosity? A human

who consistently strives
to do more, literally a renaissance
entity. Someone immensely eclectic

and free spirited – who travels
to a place that flourished
with inspiration over the course

of a rambunctious, party riddled
night – merged to a unique
origin story – with a delightful

treat for all our palettes. I will
not proceed with details
as I’d like to point you all

to a Route 66 to explore!

Happy Drinking!!!!!!!
Congratulations Tony Moore & Torti Wines! 

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