east west mosaic

the inception of my terrain
does not house the simplest
ingredient. a raw hue riddled
world where solids merge
within textured formations.
This beautiful scarf design by Furious Goose
is the inspiration behind my poem!
can you picture a melange of forest,
emerald, lime, and sea-foam.
combined with sheens of ocean,
indigo, navy, royal.
one must not forget to mention
creamsicle orange, plasma crimson,
and vibrant lemon.
nuanced with a pale silver
which adds depth of character,
not to mention the outline
of pure onyx pitch.
symbiotic relationship
outlined inside
each dragon scale.
seems impossible
to be ensconced
with such exquisite
elegance. nevertheless
the reputation does not
hold the verity inside
a tortured core.
dragons are under
constant scrutiny –
to be frank, it’s an extremely
relatable sentiment.
in life, some see things
are black and white, without
the realisation that true
colour exists in the greys.
the verity of colour formation
rests nestled in one realistic
messed up fact —
nothing is as it seems.

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