Medusa is the victim, not the victimizer! By Rania M M Watts

Medusa was never a fraud – I can’t 
even begin to contemplate the painful 
metamorphosis that transformed 
a beautiful creature into something 
so hideous and monstrous.  It’s those 
Original Artwork By Valisa Bernardino. Based on my
creature entitled Frankenstein\’s Pheomedu 
who wish to feast on the essence 
of others who are on an opposite 
path to them.  Athena, thought 
Medusa had betrayed her by a rape
that was not her fault. When men
like Poseidon feel that they can take
whatever they want – regardless 
of price is infinitely wrong. That 
incident sealed her fate.  Destined
to turn everyone into stone.  Honestly, 
you can’t blame her for just being 
somewhere a man could not resist
his temptations. In my opinion
Poseidon should have been punished. 
I can contemplate various cruel ways
of torment that would be suited. 
Needless to say, I do not want to play 
the role of judge and executioner 
but come on.  People are on the wrong
side of justice if they feel this is a fair
outcome for anyone. Honestly, it’s quite
cruel and definitely inhuman!

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