Favourite tracks by DeepDownDirty Founder, Maya Stone!

All of these tracks have touched my heart or mind in some way, either with meaningful lyrics or with their beautiful melodies, often with both. Some people think electronic music is soulless these days; I would counter such thoughts by saying to them: you are not looking hard enough. Thank you Rania for giving me the opportunity to share some of the music I love because having the opportunity to communicate meaningful or beautiful creations to others gives me not inconsiderable pleasure.❤️ 

Glue by Bicep
I Rise by Emilie Nana
When The Lights Are Out by Maceo Plex 
Hot Tainted Love by DJ SKT 
Close Your Eyes by Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry ft JJD  
Tuesday Maybe by Way Out West
Perfect Motion (Paul Sawyer Remix) by Sunscreem
Space Girl by Klaus Blatter ft Danny Rampling 
Ski by Reinier Zonneveld & Sharam 
There Will Come A Time ft Prof Brian Cox by Orbital  
For more information on DeepDownDirty check out these social media handles; Twitter @DeepDownDirtyRL, Instagram @deepdowndirtymusic, and on Facebook @DeepDownDirtyRecordLabel.  Happy Listening!!!! 

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