Mixed Bag Of Thoughts, By Rania M M Watts

I have so many things that I would like to say in this post. By the time this article is done I imagine it to look like a busy spectacle. Nevertheless, there are a few things I wanted to write to lighten my cerebellum and commit it to paper (or word processor). None of these ramblings would make a full-fledged article, so I thought I would offer a mixed-grab-bag today.
As many of you know, I’m OBSESSED with both the DC & Marvel universes – that being said, this is not about Oliver Queen (although I am kind of annoyed that Arrow’s last show will be aired on January 14, 2020 – especially when they made the final season AMAZING!)  This section focuses on our new logo and its history.
When I first started this blog, it was not yet CCIQ Press, there were more than a couple of metamorphosis as my brain is one massive sized yoyo – it finally settled though.  I wanted to house a logo that had the strength and courage to move forward.  The inspiration for the arrow came from a painting by Bekky Beukes – it was an image of a woman partially hugging herself with an arrow along the side of the body.  What struck me about this piece, aside for it being TREMENDOUSLY beautiful, were the runes that Bekky had utilised to organise her arrow.  I’d always thought of a flat line as the body of an arrow, never did I imagine that line could be changed to a bunch of stacked runes to form the shape of an arrow. I became consumed with inspiration resulting in my 4th book “Summer To Summer Rewind”.
I asked Val an amazing artist and on the CCIQ Press team, to design an arrow with specific runes I selected which a have a deeper meaning for me and my journey.  When I finally .com-ed the press. I realised I’d need a new logo for the direction we’d be travelling on.  I did not have anything created yet but simply relished the arrow Val had created for me temporarily as I had no idea in which direction, I would be taking the magazine until reader after reader commented on the new logo.
At this point I realised, “If it ain\’t Baroque, don\’t fix it.”
I’m not a waster – especially when it comes to art.  The popularity from the arrow posted from my book was evident – That original image was altered by Val.   The trajectory of my arrow had finally made its way to authentic fruition. It was honestly the perfect fit.
Hearth\’s Warming Eve

My kids and I have been watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, since it first aired on October 10, 2010. There is just something special about the way these ponies are so different yet interact with each other so well. Not to say, there are no disagreements or imperfection, that doesn’t exist anywhere, to be frank.The reason I brought up My Little Pony is because of my CCIQ  team.  We are a team of 6. Never in my life did I imagine that I would be surrounded by such unique talent.
I am brought to tears trying to express myself on this, maybe it comes with the heightened emotional state of the holidays.
But this team that I’ve chosen truly is MAGNIFICENT!  Each brings to the table a different character that encompasses the elements of incredible talent combined with harmony.  Just in case you are not familiar with these ponies from “My little pony”, I’ve enclosed links to songs below that will explain and clarify my position better.
That being said, here are the magical elements paired with my writers:
Applejack: Sonja is Applejack, who represents the element of honesty.  Sonja will ALWAYS provide an honest opinion but with a high level of sensitivity and respect.
Fluttershy: Val is so Fluttershy, who holds the element of kindness. Val has a very sweet way of saying things.  She relishes the concept of compassion and kindness, but if an injustice occurs the fight becomes very real.
Pinky Pie: Jen thrives on LOVE & FUN, which houses the element of laughter.  Pinkie Pie is the type of pony that will go out of her way when she see’s someone hurt or upset to make them feel better with a party or cake or candy or anything heavily riddled in fun.
Rarity: The element of generosity is truly Ari. Ari, is the type of person who is willing to fight for the underdog being generous and compassionate, with the ability to defend others who otherwise would not have a strong voice.
Twilight Sparkle: MK, is beyond Twilight Sparkle an egghead in her own right, who honours the element of magic. Everything MK touches transforms to manifestations of experiments.
Rainbow Dash: I’m Rainbow Dash – honestly, loyal to a fault and quite determined – especially when someone tells me I am unable to do something.
I know, a cartoon series seems like an odd way to compare my team to but, it’s exactly who we are – I LOVE us so VERY much!  Every group agrees to disagree at times, but my unique team of talented artists mesh very well with each other and have found a welcoming home at CCIQ Press.

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