Eclectic Interview Expressions with Bax!

I’ve interviewed many individuals over the last six years and none of them ever sent me an art piece riddled with whimsy and EXTREME quirkiness.  When I read Bax’s responses to my questions, I began laughing hysterically – what he did to these questions no one has EVER done. Bax basically turned my query into a satirical piece paired with a bit of serious thought. Honestly, that takes a lot of guts to stand against the stream and simply express yourself like that. I for one, am not a fan of normal, so when one of my interviewees go out of their way to ensure an entertaining interview – I’m tremendously grateful. 

For all my usual readers, you\’re going to have to read the interview below to figure out why I decided to use blue ink in lieu of my usual black.  For more information on Bax check him out on Instagram @planetbax you’ll be delighted that you did – how Bax manipulates his ink on parchment to create detailed mind-blowing pieces is beyond and should most certainly be appreciated.  

Moreover while I have your attention — you reading this right now need to check out the Unbroken site — only $4.00 USD is such a great price for the story you are receiving — honestly it should be more in my humble opinion. The way in which the story flows is beyond thought provoking.  Bax did an excellent job maintaining the integrity of Kevin Zoldan\’s (@thezold Instagram) vision for Unbroken
Rania! *sets jet pack near the door*
Thank you for having me. This is a lovely place. The animatronic Stegosaurus is a great touch! And what do we have here? How did you know lemon cake and Dr. Pepper pate is my favourite? 
RMMW: Have you ever been creatively blocked? If yes, how did you overcome it? 
Bax: I have been blocked many times. . Honestly if you are feeling blocked, don\’t think, just do.  They used to call it taking the pencil for a walk. Not every line that you put down will be gold, the sooner you accept that, the more your work will flow.
RMMW: We all have an inner critic. how do you contend with yours? 
Bax: Rania I\’ll tell you this, when that arsehole shows up I firmly remind him that if we listened to his bull nothing would get done. The inner critic is a bully and a coward. Stand up to it, take control.
RMMW: Do you have any artist rituals before starting a new piece?
Bax: No ritual, drawing and creating are my natural states. I find I need more of a ritual to interact in the wilds of humanity. You know?
RMMW: What is your favourite artist tool? 
Bax: Music.  My imagination is my most powerful tool, it can be unpredictable however, music keeps me on point. I have learned that there is no magic tool, learn to work with what you have got.
RMMW: What kind of ink do you use to draw your images?
Bax: I prefer to use Speedball super black ink. Anyone looking to work with ink should experiment with many different types until they find exactly what works for them though.
RMMW: At what age did you start to draw? Do you remember what you drew? 
Bax: SEPTEMEBER 1988 It was a cooler than usual morning. A young Bax had completed his masterpiece. Three dinosaurs, a palm tree, and a volcano. The brilliantly written caption read \”A brontosaurus and his friends are clomping through the forest\” I later on learned that there is no such thing as a brontosaurus…I was the LAUGHING stock of Mrs. Richardson\’s kindergarten class. I stood; finger paint tears dotted my cheeks. \”DAMN YOU ELMER RIGGS!!\” I screamed into the earth. From that day forward I swore I would find my revenge, in this life or the next. But you know, c\’est la vie, am I right?
RMMW: Do you dabble with any other mediums? 
Bax: There was this psychic that I met on a greyhound bus once.
RMMW: When you draw do you see the image in your head or draw as you go along? 
Bax: It\’s difficult to say. It starts with a feeling, sometimes a memory. It is important to me that I communicate that feeling.
RMMW: What advice would you have for other artists, earning a full time living via their craft? 
Bax: An artist\’s mind can be chaotic. Leave the chaos on the page, and stay organised everywhere else.
RMMW: Do you have a favourite genre that you relish exploring through your art? 
Bax: Horror is the answer I suppose. I\’m not sure to be honest. It is something I wonder often, where does my work fall in the scheme of it all?
RMMW: If you could go back and speak to your younger self what advice would you give? And why? 
Bax: This is something I think about all the time. I wouldn\’t say anything. I think I would take the time to go experience the world of my childhood through adult eyes. Young Bax wouldn\’t listen anyways.
RMMW: Do you feel your work has evolved over the years? And, if yes, how?  
Bax: As time goes by I have been able to communicate my feelings more clearly through art. This has been my biggest evolution. There is healing happening here.Also, above all else, I have had the pleasure of illustrating Kevin Zoldan\’s wicked script for Unbroken. My very first comic. Two years ago, this would not have been possible.
RMMW: If you had a superpower what would it be?
Bax: The ability to dodge a meatball sub being thrown at me, Matrix style.
Now Rania, if you would please excuse me, I have the ghost of a certain palaeontologist to find. You hear me Riggs!? *rockets out the door* Thanks for the PATE! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!!!

(And, p.s. Bax, you\’re welcome in the future lemon cake with a glass of iced glass of Jolt soda will be served! I\’ll kindly hold off on the Dr. Pepper pate — horrible experiment indeed!)

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