Experience Delicate Strength With Sonja Mabel McClure

I\’ve known Sonja for years now, housed inside her soul, one of the most delicate poets I\’ve met, who is not afraid to tackle difficult subjects. Sonja\’s writing is genuinely thoughtful.  The manner in which she writes truly comes off as altruistic, with each poem Sonja shares, regardless of subject.  Sonja\’s journey is constantly showcased with the strength in growth of her beautiful poetry.  Sonja takes the most basic of subjects of natural elements that surround us globally and turns them into complex pieces — with honest depth of layers. For more information on Sonja, check out the Quills Fated Scribes page along with her store The Pressed Violet which has some GORGEOUS pressed flower bookmarks.  And, do follow on Instagram @sonjasolstice and while you are at it — please wish Sonja a VERY happy birthday!

Duality in December

In the heart
of winter
thick chimney smoke
and flowing fog
in frosty atmosphere

huddled outdoors
we encircle
crackling heat
snowflakes spiral
upon roaring flames

the fascinating
facets of fire
dissolving crystals

orange, crimson, blue
inferno meets sky
embers and ash
into the ether

we exhale
little white wisps
and evaporate

colossal, infinite
the expanding night
swallows all.

Concert Craze

The floor shakes,
hundreds of crazed fans
stomp, thrash,
bump elbows, shove
and head bang.

A screeching guitar,
racing drumbeats
and screaming vocals
bombarde the arena.

Wired, hyped-up
the massive crowd
waving and swaying
in frantic frenzy.
Resisting calls to order,
raised fist expunging angst.


As a young girl, society
ingrained in my brain
that good looks
and a husband
are all one needs
to acquire in this life.
Instead, teach girls
and ambition,
to develop their mind,
to rely on their own
skills and abilities
to achieve their dreams,
that knowledge
is the strongest asset.

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