Unbroken Introspection

When I’m usually moved by something artisanal, that strikes a chord with me I tend to share it.  Especially, if what I am reading or looking at reminds me of so many iconic graphic novels or movies. 

So, this turn events took place…
On Saturday, I posted my interview with Artist Zuzu, someone had shared it in their story.  I’m always appreciative for a share, when I read the comment, I immediately started to investigate the work of Bax, @planetbax (Instagram). We started speaking and I immediately felt compelled to interview him.  His work reaches depths of imagination, that I’ve seen in my favourite artists. The type of work where you want to grab ink and draw yourself into it directly. That being said, I looked further into the graphic novel link in Bax’s bio.  I noticed it was written by Kevin Zoldan, @thezold (Instagram). Bax suggested I reach out to him for an interview too – he was right!  I spoke to Zoldan, about the interview and he so graciously offered to send me a digital copy of Unbroken. And, oh boy, let me tell you I am so glad that he did. The story of Unbroken is dark, I mean, obviously as it is a Noir, but the message of hope comes out LOUD and CLEAR.  

Unbroken simultaneously reminded me of this combination: The Crow (Graphic Novel), The Who’s Tommy (Film) in addition to Pan’s Labyrinth (film).  As riddled with pitch, as they are, I can’t but help appreciate the underlying balance that although the darkness may ensconce you there is always room for hope. It’s essential for us to thrive as a society.  If you are into graphic novels, paired with radically cool art within than you will appreciate this body of work. You can order your digital copy here   https://unbroken-comic.ecwid.com/ and only $4.00 USD. (Worth so much more to my cerebellum) That’s like one and a half signature coffees at your local fancy café. And, trust me – so worth it.  Needless to say, looking forward to these interviews is an understatement!!!!

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