Policies Of The Heart, Amid A Politically Correct Society By: Artemis McNeil

We have become a “politically correct” society. But are we a truly kind hearted, loving, or respectful one?

I was reading updated Twitter rules of conduct recently.  While I am happy and very supportive of the guidelines they are implementing,  I am saddened they have to specify in such detail what are proper or improper subjects to speak on; what depictions can or cannot be displayed; and what methods of speech are appropriate or inappropriate under a category called “Hateful Conduct Policy”.

When Twitter has to literally spell out sentences that should never be stated like, “I hope you get cancer and die.” or “I wish you get run over by a car next time you run your mouth.” as examples of what is considered hateful, I shake my head in disbelief. Why do they have to go to such exhaustive lengths to get across a basic principle and moral ethic of life? What has happened to common sense and common decency?  Have we tarnished the “Golden Rule”?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, is a linchpin principle of life on how to deal with our fellow man.

From there we should be able to use our brain and reasoning ability on how to practically apply this principle in real life scenarios with our neighbor whether they are next door to us or on the other side of a computer screen. These key life lessons and heart skills are much bigger than Instagram, Twitter, FB or any social media rules. These behaviors are bigger than being politically correct. They reflect our inner moral compass. How are we doing with our “Life conduct policy”?

Twitter has the right to dictate what can be written in their public forum, but what’s written on your heart? Do we believe that mutual respect is a right we all deserve, that kindness shouldn’t be conditional and that humanity is not optional when we are all humans?

Please don’t insist that it’s your right to feed on and exercise hateful speech and unbecoming conduct that affects others adversely.  Speech that is bullying, harassing, disrespecting, belittling, divisive, or frankly anything separating, or making one think he or she is above another is unacceptable. Facts. We all can and have given up rights within reason for something bigger than us that we believe in.

Why not do it for love, peace, or unity for the overall greater good?

Well Twitter, good for you in detailing great rules on ethics, public decorum, and manners. Bad for us as a society that you needed to.

“I want the dash between my date of birth 

and death to be a pulse not a flatline.”

Artemis Skye McNeil ~ http://www.artemisskye.com/

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