A little holiday cheer with Tony Moore!

It\’s official, On December 13, Tony Moore will release his new Christmas song Santa\’s My Mum. In the meantime Tony has organised a beautiful video for us. I must admit, the sweetness to this piece is quite touching. It truly does bring up a plethora of childhood memories related to Christmas.  My mother was ALWAYS Santa nearly up to my late 20\’s when I left to start my own family.  It\’s such a tricky subject with children — as they desire to believe in the spirit of generosity and the magick of the year.  Tony, chronicles his experience when he was little discovering his mum was Santa. Santa\’s My Mum is such a beautiful tribute — decades later I can see why the appreciation would ooze out into this story-telling piece of music. As a parent, we desire to riddle our children during the Christmas Season with an immense amount of mirth — and that\’s exactly what this new song does!

Check out Tony\’s site for more information: https://www.tonymooremusic.com/ .

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