Streetdance Philosophy!

Dance, Humanity, Culture, Unite…

When I was 3 ½ – 4 years of age my mother took me to see Swan Lake preformed by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. I clearly remember watching the ballet performance from under my chair (well how would you expect a 4 year old to behave at a fancy ballet) memorised by the: lever (lifts), Saute de chat (jump of the cat), pirouette (elegant whirl) and expressions on their faces focused with ease. This afternoon I watched a British Dance movie with my children and absolutely LOVED it, took me back to my very first introduction to ballet and my appreciation of all things classical. However, classical is not the end all be all with dance there is: Contemporary, Crunking, Break Dancing, Ballroom, Bollywood, Tap and my FAVOURITE dance fusion when all or simply a few of these magnificent dance genres are brought together. Started to contemplate all things dance and all things related to life, gender, race, ethnicity in one word DIVERSITY! My quandary is this, why is it that various styles of dance are willing to collaborate inventing fusion of dance! This is exactly what occurred in the movie “Streetdance” dancers from all different backgrounds not only ethnically but varying socioeconomic backgrounds as well — working together combining Street with Ballet equalizing who they are to be the premier dancer owning their potential individually to create a unique and diverse group.

I am a flawed human being who strives every day to understand the verity of humanity. How come the simplest of philosophies are still not being focused upon? Seriously, why care about differences why not FIGHT to KEEP those divergences what ever they may be and grow as a better humanity. I come from the land of an eye for an eye and have adopted a peaceful solution as opposed to war, there is already an excess of blood soiled earth.

We can be a solidified HUMAN race!

Bloody hell, acknowledge, appreciate and CHANGE the world!

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