Original Poetry By Rania M M Watts

I’ve NEVER, written about you
not for lack of love — it’s honestly
painful beyond words. If you were
still alive we’d be celebrating your 60’s!
It’s truly unfair!!! The cruelty of life 
took you away too soon – stories continued
without you – I saw your face
in every shade of ocean green and indigo
sea blue. One of the few catalysts in life
who consistently encouraged one rambunctious
teen to constantly reach for the quill,
parchment, or microphone.

I still remember the smile of excitement
on your face when you saw me walk across
the dance floor at Joe’s wedding. Hands
at the ready to clap with the first note sung
from: I Remember you by Skid Row followed
by a softer performance of The Rose originally
sung by Bette Midler. You really left, too suddenly! 
Literally, spoke to you arm-in-arm with regards
to the hues selected for your newly purchased home
at the Beaches. I’d never heard anyone speak
of vert & bleu with altruistic conviction.
The importance of colour placement still plays
a MASSIVE roll in my life. I used to be an admirer
of pitch black. Nevertheless, the impact of ocean
colours are heavily seared within my esprit.  A plethora  
of unanswered questions – grief is truly overwhelming.
It leaves a ravaged core to yearn for cotton candy stuffing.
Anything to numb the pain. I would give anything
to see you walk through that door, gobble
up my left-over pancakes and my brother\’s
coffee.  Now, I know, why I never wrote
about you – nearly 30 years later there’s
a puddle at my feet of my own tears.
sugar daddy, not the kind you might think….

when i think of yummy adhere
to your teeth forever goodness
— i begin to dream of sugar
daddy\’s. they\’ve got to be
the best thing on a stick next
to that chocolate dipped cheese
cake pop i had in maui over — 
13 years ago. something about
this almost burnt caramel
flavoured confection that 
urges me, 
         to dare, 
                to turn, 
                      into a hoarder.
one that keeps candy\’s in secret
drawers and locations – oh wait
i already do that. watch out below
someone has found my stash
and my treats are in jeopardy
of being eaten by three little
monsters — hell bent on devouring
all of my sweets. i suppose
i should permit them — as these
little ones are mine and i must 
try and share. 
wouldn\’t you? 

fictitious frenzy
i often
if fictitious
their way
to fruition
if their characters
would stay true
to whom they were
in whatever movie
book or play
they\’d first
been showcased
consumed bright optics
open wide with the
knowledge of a familiarity
that comes to those who
strive to unite
all the stage actors
who\’d feared they\’d been
abandoned at the darkest
of times — a hero comes
with a sparkle so grand
it diminishes any weighted
shadows that carry with them
an eternal depth of despair
that right there is a love
worth the endurance
of tragic trajectories
when you can only
take one glance
and know
this really
is forever   
For more information on Rania please check out the bio on the Quill Fated Scribes Page.

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