Original Poetry By MK McWilliams

An Elaboration, Part I

An elaboration
Brought to you, by me
From the ones who did the hurting
(Mostly myself, if I\’m being honest)
Let\’s start at the beginning
Tear me apart piece by piece
Take this tapestry down thread by thread
(I was never good at seeing the big picture)
A little girl with too sad eyes, alone, always alone
Even amongst the others, so very much alone
Lost in the woods, lost in her mind, hiding
Hiding from everything, all the damn time
What would the monsters say if they realized 
real life was so much scarier?
I don\’t fear the bogeyman or the ghost in the attic
My fear exists in the unknown reality, what happens if…

My fear was always more existential 
Is my time here useless
Does any of it matter
If I disappeared tomorrow, would it change a single thing
I can hear it now, the platitudes, well meaning and chocked full of care
But I don\’t know if they are true
(Some have told me they aren\’t) 
I have a hard time with reality these days
Unsure if it\’s what I think it is or if it\’s something more (or is it less?)
I\’m trying to figure myself out and it\’s taking so much time 


Put it away, this haranguing 
No one wants to hear it 
over and over again
Like a salted wound, throbbing
Sharp, acerbic, pulsing with doubt
We\’ve come to you countless times
For advice, for compassion, a plea of 
something more than we graciously receive
And you give, timidly, bit by bit, 
just enough to keep us wanting
Keep   us on   a leash
So you can spew your hatred
(Ideologies better left for an antiquated time)
While we sit and wonder, how did it get this far?
Enough is enough is enough is enough 
One day we\’ll all be finished with you 
Until then keep grasping at the only ones left
Your arthritic fingers are losing their grip

I Do Not Live There Anymore

I try to put the past aside
I do not live there anymore
I\’ve watched the rising salted tide
It breaks against my solemn shore

I lost the heavy weight of pain
The earth is scented calm now
Soft rains wash the scars away
I prepare to christen my vow

A quick goodbye, a pause and breath
I look around, then close the door
It taught me much, I won\’t forget
But I will never live there anymore

For more information on MK please check out the bio on the Quill Fated Scribes Page!

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