Original Poetry By: Sonja Mabel McClure


Cypress rainbows
ripple at midnight
streaking sky
magnetic rays
imply mirage

waving lighthouse
in fog
haunting invitation
of illusion

jade reflection
flips me upside down
questioning direction
I revel in new


We skirt the edge
of elevations.
Weathering storms;
a whiteout ensues,
frost bite,
gasping thin altitude.

Climbers anchored
a thin line.
One slip off a precarious
ledge to the end.

A glorious escapade
to plant a tattered flag
in rocky soil.
A small gesture;
of brief success.


Only when mist
and sunlight mix
does the double rainbow
radiate the sky.

The revolving night
awakens the blaze
of a shooting star,
the explosion of a meteor shower.

Zeus in a rage
commands his storm;
veins of lightning
curse the earth into flames.

Once in a century,
a blue moon eclipse
masks the peculiar
haze of a crimson glow.

With the right components
I too could produce phenomenon.

For more information on Sonja please check out the bio on the Quill Fated Scribes Page in addition to Sonja\’s boutique The Pressed Violet

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