Press Release. The Metamorphosis of CCIQ Press! By Sonja Mabel McClure

For Immediate Release
~November 2019~
CCIQ is pleased to announce that numerous and grandiose changes are currently in progress.  The remarkable and well-established blog has constantly and consistently provided the community with creative, innovative, and quality content for over 5 years.
Recently, a new feature has been implemented to the site that allows readers and supporters the opportunity to help fund the organization. “If your optics have enjoyed perusing our riveting interviews, have giggled, been moved, or furrowed an eyebrow at the amazing poetry and articles and have appreciated the reviews, please support CCIQ…,” said Rania M. M. Watts, CCIQ founder and curator. For more details on how to contribute, see the donations page
On behalf of a generous donation, the diverse, artistic platform has now gained the funds to establish a brand-new and noble name, CCIQ Press,
The freshly transformed Press is also delighted to reveal, the creation of the Quill Fated Scribes. The Quill Fated Scribes is the combination of several seasoned Writers and one extraordinary Illustrator. CCIQ Press invites and welcomes to the roster: Artemis, Sonja, MK, and Valisa.
Here’s a few remarks regarding what the Quill members think about their experience with joining CCIQ Press:
“I’m Quill fated to be a part of such an amazing team of writers, authors, artists, and editors. My tribe of scribes!”
–Artemis Skye McNeil
\”I couldn\’t say no when Rania presented the opportunity to be a part of this team. I\’m stoked that I get to combine two things I love, writing and art, while working with a team of talents.\”
–Valisa Bernardino      
“I’m truly honored and tremendously grateful to be included as one of the scribes alongside such a stellar, insightful, and eclectic collective.”
–Sonja Mabel McClure
 “I was surprised and honored when Rania asked me to join the Quill Fated Scribes team. She has put together such a strong, inspiring, and talented group of women with diverse interests and perspectives. It is a privilege to lend my voice and pen to CCIQ!
 –MK McWilliams
To find out more information about the QFS entourage, visit the Quill Fated Scribes Bio page
The impressive and vamped up CCIQ digital magazine encapsulates a wide-range of content such as: in depth reviews, a plethora of compelling interviews, and thought provoking articles.  As well, they will frequently spotlight various and talented guest writers. Forthcoming is the integration perhaps of an Advice Column.
When approached about the rapidly expanding digital magazine, Rania said, “This blog has undergone many a metamorphosis and I’m appreciative for the growth.  The Writers & Artist I’ve selected have completely blown my expectations out of the water. Each one of them offers something different, which totally balances CCIQ Press quite delightfully.
Another fascinating addition to the site is unique and personalized artisan shops. Val’s Oubliette is now open for business and both feature original and intriguing creations.  More wonderful shops to come including: Artemis\’s Secret Garden Boutique & The Pressed Violet. 
Also happening at CCIQ Press, you can stay informed on the approaching events of the Poetry Olympics, which is a worldwide poetry writing competition. Currently, for the first time, CCIQ offers a contest that invites entrants to invent a new poetic form. The deadline is January 23, 2020. The winners will be announced in the beginning of February and the new poetic styles will be featured during the week-long Mini Poetry Olympics event. The theme for this winter’s event: “Totem Poetry.” If you are interested in participating, you can find more details on the TPO page

Artist Credit: Valisa Bernardino

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