Interview with Singer, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur Meghann Wright

“Meghann’s music exhibits not only strong musicality but also lyrics that profoundly hit my personal angels/demons. The best way for me to describe it I suppose, is for my readers to contemplate the delicate demeanour of a ballerina. Completely and utterly consumed with poise on the exterior with an immense brave face yet on the inside there may perhaps be issues that riddle the soul with tremendous pain. If you could picture a delicate pair of light-pink tipped-ballet shoes adorned with silver metallic spikes; permitting a moment that allows for soft, gentle, demure characteristics while exhibiting traits that render one fearless.” This is exactly what I said about Meghann Wright 5 years ago and to be frank that review of her work was spot on!

Now, that being said, I reached out to Meghann and requested a follow up interview as I genuinely found her very fascinating.  Meghann pulls from her life experiences to create such powerful musically housed lyrics.  I honestly can’t get through some of her songs without crying and her voice – 5 years later it still kills me especially “Left My Heart In Brooklyn.”  

Since our interview Meghann has become both a mother and entrepreneur, as the Founder of the GrindEthos label, her time is spent more at the helm of her business and taking care of her beautiful baby boy — than on a stage. You know, as a mother of three myself, I totally respect that!  It\’s truly remarkable to appreciate someone\’s evolution and journey. Needles to say her schedule is maddening – I genuinely appreciate the time she took to answer my questions.  I would like to invite all of my readers to follow Meghann on social media via: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud & Bandcamp.

Left My Heart In Brooklyn 
Can\’t Carry Water 
RMMW: Who are you listening to right now on your device?

MW: Aside from the music from my label GrindEthos and the distributor I work for Symphonic, I\’m listening to a lot of music that Spotify is suggesting to me based on what I like. Lots of genre-bending indie pop, r&b, and hip hop.
RMMW: What is GrindEthos\’ origin story?

MW: GrindEthos was always kind of a vibe before it was anything, in the early 2000s, I used to take a lot of video of live shows and put it up on my Youtube channel which is kind of the first tangible evidence of its existence. When I retired from performing, I decided to take my 15 years of music industry experience and apply it to an artist services firm, GrindEthos seemed like the perfect name for that company. Eventually we created a label of the same name, and when I moved on to working in release marketing and project management for Symphonic Distribution, the company shifted to a full-time label, minus the services.
RMMW: Why was it important for you to start GrindEthos?

MW: Having worked with so many independent artists over the years, I saw a need for an agency with artist advocacy at its core. Artists need help putting their ideas in motion, that\’s where I felt I could help out. Serendipitously, I ended up doing something almost totally parallel with Symphonic Distribution, providing marketing strategies and guidance for our artists and labels. Now GrindEthos is important because we are a genre-agnostic label where artists own their own music – we don\’t make artists sign their rights away under any circumstances, and they can come and go as they please if they get other label offers. The folks who work on the staff – Dani Mari (Primitive Heart, Violentene), Marguerite King (Little Vicious), and Nick Burkes (Stonecutters, Warcloud) – are also artists who release their music through the label, so it\’s like a tight knit family of creators who respect each other and each other\’s hustle and art. I\’m really proud of them and their projects and everything we\’ve been able to accomplish and excited for what we all do next.
RMMW: What kind of musicians do you represent under your label?

MW: GrindEthos prides itself on being a home for artists that don\’t want to fit into a box. They often toe the line between several different genres and are more focused on expressing themselves in unique ways than on meeting criteria for what the industry thinks is important. Our artists range from aggressive bilingual hardcore like Los Bungalitos to dreamy ethereal pop like Primitive Heart. Somewhere in between like fun rock bands like Little Vicious and heavy shoegaze like Weighdown. We are open to all genres as long as the artists have a vision and a passion.

RMMW: What is the most valuable lesson you\’ve learned at the helm of your own record label?

MW: You can\’t do everything yourself! It\’s important to have a team that understands what needs to happen and is passionate about the work.
RMMW: If a musician is seeking representation from GrindEthos is there any protocol they are required to follow?

MW: All we ask is that they are cool people with great music – no bigots, racists, fascists, etc. allowed. Good vibes only 🙂
RMMW: What kind of advice would you give an emerging singer/songwriter?

MW: Two things that are really important but will be confusingly in contrast:

1) Stay at home and WRITE
2) Go out and MEET PEOPLE

Make time to be alone and hone your style and craft, but you also need to prioritize working with other people and growing your network. It\’s important to know who you are as an artist and be able to showcase that effortlessly (this only comes with practice) and then you need relationships to help you reach your goals, whatever those may be. You can make your music at home alone but no one will ever hear it if you don\’t go out and make friends who can help you.
RMMW: How do you maintain a healthy work life balance? Between running your label, performing, songwriting and of course being a mom?

MW: Well, I don\’t really perform anymore, I\’m on an indefinite hiatus, and this is precisely so I can put creativity and productivity into my work and still have energy for my maniacal two year old son! He is a handful so I need to be ready to party with this kid. As for the label, I have to give 90% of the credit to the staff, they are the true rockstars there!
RMMW: How has being a mom changed you?

MW: I don\’t think it really changed me as a person at all, I\’m still the same savage I always was, however I do prioritize things differently.
RMMW: What is your favourite song written by you?

MW: My favorite song I\’ve written is \”Left My Heart in Brooklyn\” because it\’s about hope.
RMMW: What festival have you been dying to play at and why?

MW: I would LOVE to play Riot Fest one day but I think I\’d have to dust off my punk rock boots for that one! I used to play in heavier bands when I was younger before veering off into songwriter land, it would be really fun to do that again and potentially share stages with my childhood punk idols. Outside of that, I wish there was a new Lilith Fair! If you know anyone who wants to reinvigorate that 90s icon, tell them to hit me up and I\’ll lend a hand.

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