Interview with Writer, J.R. Rogue

Now for my final 3-way interview from the talented writers that brought us: The Summer of Secrets Part 1-3. J.R. Rogue, wrote the final book of the series — Teach Me. 
You know there is something to be said about popularity and humility.  I’ve never met someone with so many followers who is truly so down to earth and infinitely kind.  When I read the work of J.R. Rogue I become swept away with posted poetry excerpts.  Micro and authentically profound.  You’ll find that J.R. as her co-writers Christina & Cynthia house a true gift for expression and how they choose to utilize their phrases – each one unique in their own right. 
My new nick name for these three very talented ladies is The Three Fates! Each house a different style — yet it\’s so apparent in all three of these interviews that yes, there is a strong business rapport  but, also true kinship — to authentically lift your sisters in moments of insecurity or doubt — no matter what. That thought truly has been in tears.  That\’s a very profound level of agape. 
For more information on J.R. please give her a follow on Instagram at @j.r.rogue and check out J.R.’s website here!

RMMW: Aside from fabulous content!  Which all three of you simultaneously house, what do you feel attributes to the success of a truly good book?
JR: Being business savvy helps. Your skill and heart help make your book the best it can be, but amazing books don’t always sell. You have to love your work so much that you’re willing to put in the work to do the business side.
RMMW: Were there moments when the three of you wanted to give up on The Summer of Secrets?
JR: Yes. There were so many meltdowns. I’m used to having my own deadline to deal with, not sharing one with friends.
RMMW: Organizing an event in itself is a complicated task, how did you coordinate plot lines and intertwining stories between the three of you?
JR: Dropbox and Google drive! Sometimes we would write live together.
RMMW: Is this an experience that may perhaps continue into a trilogy?
JR: I have no idea. It’s still too soon and the manic phase hasn’t left my mind, and likely theirs. Maybe give us six months to recover before we even think about that madness again.
RMMW: With regards to the ages of the sisters, how was it decided as to who would write their selected age? Out of curiosity was it based on your real ages if the three of you were to have been sisters?
JR: We decided the ages and order based on our reader base. Cynthia wrote the middle sister, but she is actually the youngest of us. I am the oldest though.
RMMW: I can’t get passed writing poetry no longer that 3 pages. How did you keep focused on writing The Summer of Secrets novellas and with 2 other collaborating individuals?
JR: We definitely held each other accountable. I’ve never worked with a promo company before, but we did with this one so we knew there was no pushing the deadline simply because we were tired.
RMMW: What are your favourite characteristics of your co-writers?
JR: They are both insane in the best way. They truly love the craft of writing more than anything else. This isn’t a glamorous job, and they do it because there is no other way to live for us.
RMMW:  What do you want your readers to take away from each of your novellas?
JR: That family is important. That we should love who we want to love, and be proud to share who we are. That even after tragedy, there is life.
RMMW: What is your favourite characteristic of each of the sisters you created?
JR: I love Kitty’s innocence. Lucy’s fire. Sophie’s spark.
RMMW: What do you find to be the benefits of co-writing?
JR: Writing is a lonely job. When you’re working on a story sometimes the only way out is to tackle it alone in a room. With this project we were able to lean on each other.
RMMW: I’m in Christina’s Facebook Group the Hart’s Heathens and stumbled across a conversation between the three of you regarding writing steamy love scenes. What are the benefits and pitfalls of scribing vivid sexual scenes?
JR: It’s a great way to find out how comfortable you are with yourself. Sex isn’t dirty, yet sometimes it’s natural to feel weird writing it. That shouldn’t be the case. It’s a basic human need.
RMMW: What is The Summer of Secrets origin story? When and how did you decide to write three books together? Did you guys do any rituals like a blood pact?
JR: We were sitting on a pull out bed in Christina’s living room, hungover, discussing everything we love and hate about the romance world. We wanted to write something fun, something we would want to read, but we generally don’t write anything erotic. So it had us questioning why we don’t, when we knew we were capable. So it was a challenge and an adventure. The conversation bled into lunch and we got more and more excited. That’s how we knew we had to do it. No rituals, just bagels consumed as we laughed.
RMMW: And, tossed in for fun. As a writer, what would each of you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
JR: Raven
The Three Fates 
J.R., Christina, Cynthia 

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