Interview with Writer, Cynthia A. Rodriguez

My first introduction to the writing of Cynthia A. Rodriguez came from a Facebook post I saw regarding Cynthia and J.R. visiting Christina.  And oh boy was I ever delighted by my discovery.  Christina really has flawless taste with regards to suggesting writers. And, fun loving Cynthia does not disappoint. To be honest when I feel riddled with sorrow – I tend to go through Cynthia’s Instagram and scroll (not in a psychotic stalker kind of way!)   The smiles that adorn her face are truly infectious and profound scribing to boot.  Cynthia is responsible for thoughtful storytelling via her novels and honestly from the looks of it – I don’t think she is ever going to stop!  Which in this little writer’s opinion, is completely awesome.  
Cynthia was responsible for writing The Summer of Secrets Series, Part II, Hate Me, a novella that certainly houses a melange of intrigue and concealed subterfuge amidst creating a sensual air.

Also, as we enter November, I feel that there is something quick that I would like to add — as a note of appreciation.  On November 11, we will be honouring Remembrance Day in Canada and in the United States I believe it is called Veteran’s Day.  Although, I’m not in the U.S. I genuinely wanted to thank Cynthia for her service, it’s important to acknowledge our warriors and appreciate all that they have sacrificed.  These men and women should be honoured all year!
As I mentioned yesterday, during Christina’s interview —  The Summer of Secrets Series – Part 1-3 all available on Amazon for only $8.98 USD, I’d buy the omnibus – it’s totally on my Christmas hit list. For more information on Cynthia please check out her Instagram at @thecynrodriguez.

RMMW:  Aside from fabulous content!  Which all three of you simultaneously house, what do you feel attributes to the success of a truly good book?
CAR: I used to think I understood showing versus telling. And I can safely say, while I have a deeper grasp of the concept, it\’s something I still find myself reminding myself of. The best stories are the ones we experience. If I can forget I\’m reading, the job has been done.
RMMW: Were there moments when the three of you wanted to give up on The Summer of Secrets?
CAR: I would say there were more moments of wanting to catch our breath more than wanting to completely give up. We came up with this idea on June 22, 2019, and released them August 29, 2019. To say we could\’ve used a break was an understatement. Between that time, I also had my own release. How did I not die?
RMMW: Organizing an event in itself is a complicated task, how did you coordinate plot lines and intertwining stories between the three of you?
CAR: I was the last to finish, so I feel like I had it pretty easy, just writing and checking their timelines. We were able to live write over each other in Google Docs when our characters had scenes together. It was an overall awesome experience, to witness the creation of this.
And, of course, when it was all said and done, we created a timeline for each book and Christina did most of the heavy lifting with that aspect of it.
RMMW: Is this an experience that may perhaps continue into a trilogy?
CAR: *Looks at Jen and Christina*
RMMW: With regards to the ages of the sisters, how was it decided as to who would write their selected age? Out of curiosity was it based on your real ages if the three of you were to have been sisters?
CAR: I\’m actually the youngest of three sisters, so it wasn\’t a personal decision more than it was who felt they\’d be able to fall in line with the age of their character. Christina initially had a younger character in mind, so it was easy to have her take on the youngest. Jen writes so beautifully with this wisdom that her character being the oldest was almost a given.
And I just wanted to write with them and was more than happy and comfortable taking Eloise on.
RMMW: I can’t get passed writing poetry no longer that 3 pages. How did you keep focused on writing The Summer of Secrets novellas and with 2 other collaborating individuals?
CAR: We encouraged each other. It was probably the most focused I\’ve been in a long time.
RMMW: What are your favourite characteristics of your co-writers?
CAR: I love funny people. And people who are able to say no without feeling weird about it. The three of us are friends, and that doesn\’t always work out. But in this situation, we were also able to be business partners.
RMMW: What do you want your readers to take away from each of your novellas?
CAR: How different we are as writers but how we were able to take three different voices and create what I hope is a seamless experience.
AND…sex is whatever you want it to be. You can read about it, have it, abstain from it, whatever. Sex is whatever you want it to be and it doesn\’t require shame.
RMMW: What is your favourite characteristic of each of the sisters you created?
CAR: Kitty: How poetically mournful she is. Lucy: How she doesn\’t give many fucks on any given day. Sophie: How she is fearful but brave. I love how all three of them love differently but equally as fierce.
RMMW: What do you find to be the benefits of co-writing?
CAR: I had motivators. Sometimes it\’s so hard to pull yourself from the trenches.
RMMW: I’m in Christina’s Facebook Group the Hart’s Heathens and stumbled across a conversation between the three of you  regarding writing steamy love scenes. What are the benefits and pitfalls of scribing vivid sexual scenes?
CAR: Benefits? The research. 😉
The pitfalls are trying to keep away from awkward phrasing and trying to keep it realistic without taking away the fantasy of it all.
RMMW: What is The Summer of Secrets origin story? When and how did you decide to write three books together? Did you guys do any rituals like a blood pact?
CAR: We were eating bagels at a bagel shop. I forget the details but by the end, we had a page full of notes scribbled on the back of a menu with a pen I\’d stolen from the waitress. I still have it lol. I\’m sure Jen and Christina can answer better than I can.
RMMW: And, tossed in for fun. As a writer, what would each of you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
CAR: Um…I think if we\’re going in this direction, I\’d say that I\’ve always thought my Patronus would be a sea turtle.

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