Enter Stage Left, Quill Fated Scribes

Dearest Bookworms —

CCIQ is undergoing a metamorphosis! 

I’ve invited 2 of the most competent and talented writers;  Sonja Mabel McClure and Artemis Skye McNeil to join me in creating an even more fascinating blog experience. Each of these ladies brings her own unique style and quality as writers who truly understand the verity of humanity and its various components. If that isn’t exciting enough, I am proud to introduce “Val’s Oubliette” an online gift shop featuring the artwork of resident artist Valisa Bernardino!  

You may read: 




Bio on our new page now entitled \”Quill Fated Scribes.\”  

Oh and please note the craftsmanship of our signs both in Quill Fated Scribes & Val\’s Oubliette pages as they have been hand-drawn by Valisa!  

Things are moving and shaking for sure!  Please join me in welcoming these ladies to CCIQ and look forward to beautiful art, riveting interviews and in depth articles on thought provoking issues relevant for today.

Happy Reading! 

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