Interview with Jewelry Designer, MaryAnne McCabe

I remember about a decade and a half or so ago – I had put poetry on the back burner to design jewelry.  There’s something so tedious, comforting and time consuming about stringing little seed beads. I can see designing: rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings as a source of stress relief.  I genuinely enjoy engaging with those I interview to showcase the best of who they are. Sometimes like in this interview difficult subjects come up but there is always a sense of healing and resolve when you listen to the pain of others and see how they have positively prospered from that pain. MaryAnne McCabe has done just that her jewelry designs are a great source of comfort for her as she creates her very unique pieces.  It’s obvious MaryAnne is a true artisan with a very good heart and immense talent.   I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you all to follow MaryAnne on Instagram @maryannemccabe . 
RMMW: Have you ever been creatively blocked?  If yes, how did you overcome it?
MAM: Absolutely. I get inspiration and ideas that pop into my head when I am doing things non jewelry related. Especially in hardware store. Omg the Copper wire
draws me in, I may not have intended to make anything specific — Them bam!  Look at that 4-gage copper wire😜. Walking and looking at the colors in nature is my color wheel. I don\’t follow rules…. Exercise is a huge part of my life… Get the ideas flowing.
RMMW: We all have to deal with our inner critic, how do you contend with yours?
MAM: The inner critic I am and have always been my own worst enemy – in all things. So just as in life, I know as long as I give it 100%. That\’s all I can do. I do strive to learn and improve, I don\’t compare to others. I do raise the bar with all my pieces
RMMW: Do you have any artist rituals before starting a new jewelry piece?
MAM: No rituals.
RMMW:  What do you relish most about jewelry design?
MAM: For me my jewelry is not about \”it\’s a vehicle\” to open dialogue for issues that no ones talks about. Suicide has always been taboo. People who feel hopeless need to know they are not alone. There is HOPE. I have meet do many people who just come in and start talking. It has been a blessing.
And of course, I have met so many people who know or have been on dialysis. So that ties in my kidney donation. Definitely my finest moment in life. I was the one who got the gift of life
I love jewelry design because like art. There is grey. Not black and white. So many ways the achieve a design. Mix and match techniques, make it your own – my ideas just flow.
RMMW: What is your favourite piece created by you, do you also design rings, and do you do custom orders?
MAM: I absolutely love my new coin pieces. Yes, I do make rings with wire copper pipe.
And yes do custom orders. I unfortunately have been hosed by some customers after working on and order. Learning to get down payment first.
RMMW: What are your favourite artist tools to work with?
MAM: Tools. Probably a hammer. I am self taught and would love to learn to solder.
RMMW: Did you go to school to study jewelry design or are you self taught?
MAM: I am self taught 100% just started in 2010.
RMMW: What kind of materials do you feel work well together for the purpose of jewelry design?
MAM: I love beads. Mixing the colors and textures with mixed metals is probably my favorite things. I usually have an idea. Then it changes into something totally different.
RMMW: If you had a super power what would it be?
MAM: Super power. Easy, make someone smile. That them know hope exits; \”jewelry that makes you smile.” My brother committed suicide in 2010. That is when I started to make jewelry. I was in a totally different field. Fast forward.  My goal it to have people feel better about themselves after they come to my shop. I have developed a wonderful relationship with the customers in my market. A blessing.

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