Interview with Poet, Lynnea Michelle

Lynnea Michelle has quite the imagination, she creates worlds from her minds eye and oozes life into her stories with her passionate heart.  It’s pretty remarkable how the writers are the ones who breathe life into their stories or poetry.  Writing has changed the lives of many writers; it forces us to overwhelm our synapsis with ideas that focus on subjects we hope our readers enjoy absorbing — our words with their optics. For more information on Lynnea Michelle check out her Instagram page  @ghostskinandbones .
RMMW: Have you ever been creatively blocked? If yes, how did you overcome it?
LM: Many times actually lol. I just feel the creativity flee from my bones. It\’s devastating at times because this a therapeutic outlet for me. I never force it. Forcing it produces garbage. I try to look for inspiration in various places. Other times It\’ll just come to me during mundane tasks.
RMMW: We all have an inner critic, how do you contend with yours?
LM: My inner critic sure is hostel at times lol. Going through therapy really helped me, not just with writing but various things in my life that my critic would berate me into thinking poorly about it. Positivity breeds positivity. That\’s huge for me and something I try to remind myself about.
RMMW: Do you have any artist\’s rituals before starting a new poem?
LM:  I need no distractions. As a mother it\’s hard making space for my poetry and stories. There\’s always noise in my house. So definitely having time to sit in peace and quiet is really important when writing
RMMW: Who are you reading now?
LM: I recently just finished Dorothy Parker. Random find at a garage sale and I have no regrets!
RMMW: At what age did you start writing?
LM: I\’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Always losing myself in short stories my mind would weave.
RMMW: What\’s your favourite subject to write about?
LM: Now that\’s a tough one. My poetry is usually something related to myself or someone in my life.
My short stories, though pieces of me are in there, are purely from the depths of my mind.
RMMW: What do you think a good story ought to do?
LM: It\’s really gotta grab your attention. Make you feel something. Makes you want to stop and reread it after your done. I love when I read a story and it\’s all I can think about.
RMMW: Do you listen to music when you write?
LM: I think it depends on my mood. At times it\’s great background noise. Other times silence is needed for me to concentrate and focus.
RMMW: Do you enjoy writing horror and gore stories?
LM: I really do. It\’s a genre I\’ve always loved.  Whether it\’s been books or movies. It\’s something I\’ve been drawn to since I was a quite young
RMMW: Who is your favourite poet?
LM: Hmmm.. a favorite, I don\’t know. Too many too choose from! Lol
RMMW: What do you feel is the writer\’s role in our society?
LM: We\’re storytellers from the moment we first pick up that pen and let it bleed into the paper. We get people\’s gears in their brains turning. We terrify and enlighten. I think that\’s very important to keep our imaginations alive, both our own and the readers.
RMMW: Tell us a little bit about your stranger danger series…
LM: Now that\’s a funny story.. Dark humor is a big comfort in my life, especially when it comes to dealing with my paranoid thoughts. I wanted people to experience that. I wanted them to be afraid of the danger that lies in each word. It\’s impossible for others to imagine how someone copes with such a thing. So I poured my fears into fictionalized stories and let them come alive. I created monsters and unleashed into the world.. It was liberating to me. To take something I live with regularly and transform them into something people would be able to understand, as well as experience the fear I subjected my characters too. I definitely plan on writing more in the future 🙂
RMMW: If you had superpower what would it be?
LM: Everyone wants to fly, walk through walls or maybe be invisible. I know I sure wanted those powers when I was younger. Now I think, I\’d like to have the ability to be able to shut myself off. Just power down and yes that does sound robotic lol but my goodness I haven\’t slept properly since having children!

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