Karina Bush

Now, that I\’ve had a chance to properly curl up with Karina Bush\’s Maiden, I think, I am ready to write this review. Maiden really truly is an journey for the senses, especially with regards to sexual and sensual exploration. When you read a painting you take note of specific techniques such as: brush strokes, capacity for blending realistic and un colours and perhaps believably of theme. I don\’t know what it is with regards to the quality of words that would release inside of the reader — a thought to perhaps be more open minded. To appreciate the intimacy of words and phrases held dear to body parts when aroused, attain a mind blowing experience but also the neglect of what nurtures poor relations to a level of abuse that renders the reader to ask why should human beings have to hurt each other to comprehend one another. Pretty deep thought if you ask me. The competency level of this beautiful girl\’s ability to weave such an intimate explorative tale leaves even me breathless – wanting more of this pure passion.
Just Me
It\’s just me
That\’s all I need
Just me and the void
And my wound
And my hand
And my slave
I submit to myself
There is nothing else
Wounds heal tight
But my breath tonight
Is Heavy
And my hand
And my slave
Are ready
I mean… come on? The profound depth of this core piece above leaves me questioning, are we genuinely all we really need? It brings up so many images of isolation but at the same time a self discovered independence — that leaves you feeling or wanting for nothing. Can you imagine such a feeling? Sigh! Wanting for nothing – pretty much means close to perfection in my opinion. At that point you would not be tethered to anything else on this earth besides yourself. I can\’t even begin to imagine that – at some point it seems so unrealistic to be able to only require yourself for all of your: needs, desires, tribulations to be prepared to do what that specific role of independence will eventually ask you do to. Because even though you are ready, there may be a point where there\’s another version of you who desires nothing but that – do you give in and surrender to the greatest part of who you are or do you turn on it\’s back and ignore all its oblivion as you try to cheat a inevitable death.
I need you to push it –push me
Shatter me
The parts that haven\’t already
Take charge
But you didn\’t
So you showed your depth
You couldn\’t have shattered me completely
You are a weakling
This piece just makes me want to sit down in a corner and cry like Alice in Wonderland, untiI am surrounded in an ocean of my own tears. We all have come across those individuals in life who not only want to see us miserable but; also to constantly wallow in our darkness to give comfort for theirs. I can\’t imagine anymore surrounding myself with individuals who are critical of not only who I am but, also the way that I looked. When I was in elementary school I was constantly barked at and called ugly by these boys who would ALWAYS torment me. Now, that being said, they tried to break me like a gazillion times and almost did at some point. Ok, I am getting to my point I promise… Needless to say, decades after being teased in the school yard one of my tormentors was jogging by my parents (was still living with my parents at that time) house and I heard this quiet voice call my name. Do you know what this individual told me – decades after the fact of being mocked to the point that my parents had to call the other parents of the students who kept taunting me? Nevertheless, that night I received the apology that I so richly deserved.  This individual could not even look at me until I told them that I survived it and that I forgave them. This story binds the last two lines for me in a fashion of soulful healing.

These two tidbits are and example of what you will find when you read Karina\’s Maiden; exquisite works which explore a world absorbed in desire, requited and un love. 

 Make note, Karina\’s new book 50 Euro is now out and ready to be purchased. 

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