Gus Sanchez

I must admit upon first read my strong sense of advocacy constantly screams “YES” while I viewed the poems below. As most of you know who follow the blog, I have a background in Social Services and a large part of that really is steeped in advocacy. Today\’s showcase is based on the profound work of Gus Sanchez.
someday science will allow us men to
have a period, and to experience the
agonizing pain of childbirth, someday
us men will understand the terror of
sexual harassment. rape. physical and
emotional abuse from a husband or
boyfriend that doesn\’t know what love is.
someday us men will understand what it\’s
like to earn far less while doing the same
job, and vow to break the glass ceiling,
and be treated as an equal and not just
a bitch in skirt. someday us men will
fell first hand the revoltion that comes
when you\’re first attacked online, just for having
an opinion, to know how being called a whore
or a cunt or “i hope bill cosby rapes you
next” makes a woman feel violated
because these women are your mother and
your sisters and your wives and your
girl friends
until these roles are reversed, you\’re just
a crybaby with a dick, and the world needs
more men
You know, someone once said to me if men could get pregnant than birth control would be free? Do you guys think that is true as well? Gender roles have come along way towards equality although we are not completely there yet. I really have no idea what it is going to take in the year 2017 for equality to actually reign. When I grew up, I thought men were supposed to be the strong silent type who could care less about women\’s rights. If memory serves one such male that crossed my path severely — omitted the strong silent supportive type and was quite loud when he was expressing his views on women. Such as — a women should be shackled at her ankles with a chain long enough to reach from the bedroom to the kitchen and in a constant state of barefoot and pregnant. That does not fly with me. Like men — women have important roles to play in today\’s society and ours is steeped in ending gender inequality. So remember that the next time you ridicule a women who could\’ve just as easily been your: sister, mother, aunt or cousin!
discarded post-it notes
words with no meaning strewn
across a cluttered desk
a cluttered desk: sign
of a cluttered mind
(what does that say
about an empty desk?)
sun-kissed palazzos?”
cocaine-soured sunday mornings,
restless for requiems never
no time for silence?”
filling these gaps is
torture for
unbalanced minds, not ready to
resort to cheap sentiment in
exchange for faceless and
undeserved approval.
I don\’t know about you but as we age our minds slowly start to deteriorate – we have to constantly post reminders. I\’ve been in love with minutia since the beginning of my life – my desk has always been cluttered with post it\’s – to be frank it is one of the many ways that I keep organised. I have these round post it notes all over my monitor some could think I could have a hearty game of connect the dots – if i wanted my screen to be all marked up with permanent marker.
i\’m too old and too
tired to get
lost in your mock outrage
pokemon go fuck yourself
i\’m too tired and too
old to make you
see how stupid you sound
all lives matter hahahahahahahaha
my bags of tricks have gone
empty, the firefighters won\’t bother
putting out this
shit storm we have started
fake it \’til you make it…
i\’m too old and too tired to be
too old and too tired:
my knees hurt – arthritis,
are you fucking kidding me?
One more hour of sleep, please?
And a new typewriter; she\’s
writing some debbie downer shit again.
Oh my good god! Bloody Pokemon Go! I remember during the summer there was a media article on the television highlighting Pokemon Go as the summer activity especially down by the water front near Toronto\’s boat terminal. Apparently people would gather at all times of the night – no word of a lie some individuals had their babies sleeping in strollers while there were hunting Pokemon at 2:00am… Yes, because that is exactly where a baby should be at that hour… with their psychotic care takers playing Pokemon Go.

If you notice not once did I mention writing style or form because to me this is very close to perfection in my eyes. Honest material written with such vigor. An advocate against any darkness for sure with stupendous syntax and grammar to boot. 

 Feel free to follow Gus and his unadulterated views here

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