Janine D.

By day a mild mannered accountant but; at night a poet who thrives on raw emotion. When I first read the work of Janine D. I was completely hooked. She writes with such a knowledge of a one of a kind emotion – Janine\’s pieces are beyond honest and speak of distilled feelings, broken hearts and with a sincere appreciation for the passion behind her phrases and heartache within these elegant poems.
I find myself trapped
Between these four walls
Debris is scattered
The remnants of thoughts
And desires unfulfilled
There is a window
That provides some light
But will not open
To freshen the air
It is stale and stagnant
Like a child\’s forgotten laughter
I cannot escape here
Although I am free to leave
At any time
Stuck in the shelter
That is my mind.
Paralyzing fear and anxiety – I could literally feel the goosebumps on my arms rise as I started to read the piece above. I totally imagined a secluded oubliette as most of them are – with walls made of wind. Easy to pass through but enough to cause windburn in case you travel too far out of your mind. Sometimes we really do fashion ourselves a nice gilded cage with the locks on the inside in lieu of the out. I have to admit I loved the concept of thinking what “The remnants of thoughts” would look like. Can you imagine such a visual? As thoughts can not tangibly be touched with the tips of our unaware fingers. I imagine ripped pieces of paper to hold emotions that could render anyone to feel trapped within a prison of their own making. Tragic but such a charming poem.
Longing for reason
She wistfully searched
For answers
Behind the mist
Of her own tears.
The tricky aspect to questions — is the duration of time for which it takes for information to actually come to you. I think one of the hardest things in life is to actually patiently wait for questions to be answered. Can I tell you how sometimes, it took years for me to obtain answers to questions I thought had been lost forever. But, there is something about life and things going around and coming around.. which holds steadfast to the idea of truth.  I\’ve always admired writers who can write such short pieces that house a powerful message.  My best friend is always joking with me and asks if I get paid by the word — not a single word wasted in this micro-poem above. 
At one time
You were my life;
My love
The bond may have
Been broken
But my heart is still yours
And now
You are a lingering memory
Tattooed on my soul
My own personal saudade
Of a tearful boy
Crying in the rain
Wanting nothing more
Than to just love me
There are people in life we are meant to love for long moments in our lives and those who come in during moments where remnants of thoughts reign supreme for the love of one we can not have or a friendship that dehydrates in the heat of the sun. I guess there will always be certain people in our lives no matter how long it\’s been since you\’ve spoken to or have seen each other who will forever be a part of your heart. I loved this visual:
You are a lingering memory
Tattooed on my soul
My own personal saudade
Of a tearful boy
Crying in the rain
Wanting nothing more
Than to just love me
Sigh! How could someone not want to feel for the writer of this piece – lovely.
For more information about Janine please feel free to follow her on Instagram! 

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